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Corporate Greed Causes Empty Seats at the London Olympics

Picture: cstein96 Tom Walker - Rows upon rows of empty seats. That was the dominant image of the first few days of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The seats are empty because the fat cats and the preening Olympic officialdom have seats reserved for them, but they can’t be bothered to turn up. TV footage has shown huge areas of the venues left empty during sold out events - angering people who were denied tickets. Olympics spokespeople said these are the seats reserved for the “Olympic family”,...

China, the Olympic Games and Human Rights

The international community seems unwilling to use the opportunity provided by the Beijing Olympic Games to demand greater respect for human rights from China. There are at least 15000 religious and political prisoners in Chinese jails and labour camps, while imprisonments, torture and deaths are on the rise. There are still said to be 130 people in prison since the Tiananmen Square protest 19 years ago.