Feminist LGBT Activists Disrupt Joburg Gay Pride March

8 Oct 2012

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Homophobia is not uncommon in South Africa and those most affected by LGBT hate crimes tend to be black South Africans. At this past weekend’s Joburg Gay Parade, a group of predominantly black feminist LGBT activists demanded one minute of silence to honour and mourn those who have been killed because of their sexual orientation and gender expression. But instead of showing solidarity with their cause, organizers of Joburg’s Gay Parade assaulted these activists.

Watch this clip to view the incident and learn more about how Gay Pride in South Africa has become a depoliticized affair and is a far cry from its earlier embodiment as a movement with a strong human rights agenda.

Editor's Note: You might also be interested in this "open letter" to the Joburg Gay Pride organizers written by Brett Davidson and published by Africa is a Country.

You can find this page online at http://sacsis.org.za/site/article/1449.

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cuteandbronzed Verified user
13 Oct

Racist White Lesbians Deserve Malema as President

It was only because they're black lesbians..but the white ones deserve a Malema. I'll be voting ANC. No worries, this is still a black country. They will leave before us.

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Brent Grung
6 Apr

Did you ask beforehand?

On the day of the march, I ran late and did the route on my scooter. On the tail end of the march I came upon this demonstration and had to ask what was going on. If I had known it was for the brutality experienced by my lesbian sisters, you can bet I would have stood with you. But I didn't, it was a little confusing and seeing the reaction of the Pride organizers I'm saddened. My question is, did you ask beforehand and were denied? Then the Pride board is at fault. Had you not asked beforehand, then only you are to blame for the ugliness this became.

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