Black Agenda Report Editor: 'Obama Is not the Lesser Evil'

10 Sep 2012

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Barack Obama has failed to deliver on his promise of “change” during his first term as president of the US, but many disgruntled Americans would still re-elect him for a second term because he is the “lesser evil”. However, Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report contends that Obama is the “more effective evil” because his Democratic base lets him get away with things that the Republicans are unable to get away with.

On the issue of foreign policy, he contends, “They won't resist his wars, because much of the base only disapproves of and demonstrates against Republican wars. So there are certain things that are known about the behavior of the Democratic base that makes me sometimes more afraid of Obama, simply because he'll get away with more.”

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25 Sep

Glen Ford Video

Seen from here in Europe, it was astounding to hear how willing GF was to give the Romney ticket the benefit of the doubt, for no discernible reason than that he has not yet seen them in action!

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