A Magnificent Music and Video Production Inspired by Spain's 15-M Movement

20 Aug 2011

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Inspired by Spain’s 15-M movement, this magnificent music and video production, edited by Yonny Galactico, features footage from the Spanish protests set to the tune “Uprising” by progressive rock band Muse

The 15-M protests, which took the form of a 3-month long “Tahrir Square” like sit-in on many Spanish town squares, was dismantled by police in the run up to Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the country this week.

Some Background to the Protests
At 21%, Spain has the highest unemployment rate in Europe. The unemployment rate for people under the age of 25 is said to be 43.5%.

On 15 May, inspired by the Arab Spring, Spaniards took to the streets in massive demonstrations, as public outrage against their government’s austerity measures and bank bailouts could no longer be contained.

According to V. Noah Gimbel
, “Some participants, inspired by the images and stories emanating from Cairo’s Tahrir Square months before, set up tents in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol – home of the largest May 15 protest – and in other city squares around the country.”

The protests and sit-ins supported by grassroots organisations came to be known as the 15-M movement. They organised under the banner, “Real Democracy Now.” 

The movement maintained control of public spaces until Spanish authorities violently removed protestors in the run up to Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Spain this week.

Editor’s Note: You might also be interested in this pictorial report of protests against the Pope’s visit to Spain from online magazine ROARMAG.

According to ROARMAG, “Over 100 social organizations, including gay rights groups, secularists and even progressive Catholic priests, supported the protests, which marched under a simple collective slogan: “none of my taxes to the pope!”

You can find this page online at http://sacsis.org.za/site/article/414.19.

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