Obama's Great Sin: Normalising the War on Terror

11 Jul 2014

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Society has changed dramatically, says New York Times journalist James Risen, as he comments on the freedoms that have been ceded to national security since 9/11. The great sin of Barack Obama has been to normalise the War on Terror - to take something that was an ad hock series of emergency panicked moves by Dick Cheney and George Bush and normalise them.

Part of that is the approach to the press and the development of false narratives, such as the narrative of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. No one has really gone back to understand how that narrative developed in the press because it's too painful for the press to think about, he contends.

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DWAHTS Verified user
11 Jul

Obama's sinned for the same reason Cheney did

On the surface Cheney/Bush were reacting to 9/11, but in reality it provided sufficient cover to push through policies they had on their agenda for quite some time before that, and I'm talking way beyond Halliburton and co here. Obama and Bush serve the same corporate masters, and operate within the same lobby system. Obamas cover for staying in the war is no different to Cheney's for entering it (Bush was just a puppet). There is no "War on Terror" While the USA elections contest issues of gay marriage, legalizing pot, the pro-choice debate etc, the US corporations are building and empire via Democrats and Republicans who serve them, marginalizing independents, and holding the world for financial ransom. Even worse, the public think they are fighting "Terrorists" without knowing they are the terrorists. Obama's drone wars have killed way more innocent woman and children than 9/11 did.

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