Voices from Occupy Johannesburg, South Africa

19 Oct 2011

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The Occupy Johannesburg protest took place on 15 October 2011, World Revolution Day, as part of a global call to action against corporate greed and economic inequality.

"Occupy" protests that took place worldwide on the day, have their genesis in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

SACSIS headed down to the Johannesburg protest and spoke to some of the activists and participants about their involvement with the growing global movement against economic injustice.

Editor's Note: You might also be interested in viewing coverage of the "Occupy" protests in Cape Town and Grahamstown.

You can find this page online at http://sacsis.org.za/site/article/444.19.

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17 Dec

A Message to Occupy Johannesburg

Occupy Denver supports Occupy Johannesburg!!!!!!!!

We from Denver are in town to attend Occupy Johannesburg events but we can't find any for today.

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