Netanyahu Gets 29 Standing Ovations from American Congress

27 May 2011

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In Washington on Tuesday, on the invitation of the house speaker, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the American Congress. It's a speech that Israeli political analyst, Gideon Levy, referred to as "lies on top of lies," yet the Israeli prime minister received 29 standing ovations during his address, in a clear sign of what some commentators have come to describe as the sycophantic stance of the American Congress to the Israeli lobby.

In an obvious challenge to American President, Barack Obama, who just a few days earlier in his Middle East address said that America endorses the 1967 borders, as the basis for the start of peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine, Netanyahu argued that the 1967 borders were "indefensible," that Israel would not abandon its desire to hold on to all of Jerusalem as its capital, and that Israel was not a foreign occupier. At the same time, he accused Hamas of being the Palestinian version of Al Qaeda.

The Real News Network interviews Jerusalem-based Michel Warschawki co-founder of the Alternative Information Centre for his assessment of Netanyahu's speech.

Editor's Note: For a complete run down of the 29 points that brought the American Congress to its feet, don't miss Justin Elliot's, "Netanyahu gets more standing ovations than Obama." (Salon)

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