September 2008

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Rural Women and Land Reform: When will we move beyond the rhetoric?

Picture: gbaku Fazila Farouk - Pick up the promotional brochure of any government, NGO or corporate social investment programme and you will read that poor women are an important beneficiary group – if not the most important target of social relief and investment programmes. Many millions of Rand are raised and spent in the name of alleviating the plight of poor black women, particularly those living in rural South Africa. For all the time, money and effort put into such programmes, one has to wonder why the...

The Apartheid Lawsuit

The Khulumani Support Group made headlines in May this year when it won the right to go to trial with its lawsuit against 23 international companies that aided and abetted the perpetration of human rights violations  carried out by the South African government under apartheid rule. Watch this clip to find who these companies are and how they helped the apartheid state.

Humans Are Hard-Wired to Care and Connect

Picture: Evil Empire David Korten - The good news: The changes we must make to avoid ultimate collapse are identical to the changes we must make to create the world of our common dream. For the past 5,000 years, we humans have devoted much creative energy to perfecting our capacity for greed and violence-a practice that has been enormously costly for our children, families, communities, and nature. Now, on the verge of environmental and social collapse, we face an imperative to bring the world of our dreams into being by...