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Health as a Human Right in South Africa

Geoff Budlender talks about how the South African Constitutional Court gives meaning to the expression of "health as a human right," particularly in relation to how the state should be prioritising its health budget. He argues that the Constitution obliges the state to spend its budget in a progressive and transformative manner, which means that it must have a pro-poor tilt aimed at eradicating inequalities.

More Than One Way to Cut the Pie: Providing For Foreigners and South Africans

Picture: author unknown Tara Polzer - There is a dangerous refrain in explanations for the xenophobic violence that has erupted around South Africa: that the violence was triggered by resource competition between citizens and non-citizens. Many government and civil society commentators have said, in no uncertain terms, that there is no justification for expressing competition for scarce resources through violence, but often the claim that there is indeed competition for resources, remains unquestioned. But are foreigners really...

Dear Mandela

Abahlali BaseMjondolo tell the story of strife in South Africa's informal settlements, which for the best part has turned into a struggle against the democratically elected government, in this creatively produced and touching video clip. For the community featured in this video, struggling against government-led evictions has become a common feature of their lives.