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South African Waste Management in Crisis

Picture: Jnthnhy Glenn Ashton - Although South Africa has adequate environmental legislation governing how we deal with our waste, cities and towns across the nation face a crisis. I recently visited the picturesque town of Swellendam and was brought face to face with the consequences of this mismanagement. At mid morning on a glorious autumn day the entire town was smothered by a toxic swathe of smoke emanating from the town dump. The smell of burned plastic and all sorts of noxious by-products were not only visible but...

Where is Social Justice?

Amy Stevenson's video examines the reality of the state of equity in the world. She highlights important themes such as inequality, racism, homophobia and gender equity. she argues that if you want peace, then you should work for justice. For those of us who come from privilege, she suggests we teach our children how to share this privilege.