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South Africa Must Address Social Justice

Picture: Marlese von Broembsen and Dennis Davis - Early in its new democracy, South Africa successfully rose to the challenge of ensuring political justice. It developed a progressive and ground-breaking constitution enshrining rights for all of its citizens.  Much attention, debate and litigation has taken place around civil and political rights, and these have been further interpreted and secured. However, the expectations of many of the country’s poor and marginalised for a better life have been largely unmet, and the...

Bloomberg Interviews Mary Robinson

Watching the mainstream try to climb inside the head of formidable human rights advocate, Mary Robinson, makes for fascinating viewing. For human interest enthusiasts, Robinson talks about what inspired her monumental human rights journey, in part one (this clip) of the Bloomberg interview. Her exceptional rights-based analysis of politics, socio-economic and development issues in parts 2-6 of the interview, makes watching the entire program, well worth the effort. Find links to the rest of...

Dealing With Racism Through Comedy

Every art-form has the potential to influence people. Can comedy create social change? No, says comedian Hari Kondabolu, but it can open some thought. Kondabolu and Ahamefule Oluo talk about how comedy, as an art-form, can be used to deal with the issue of racism in this short documentary produced by Colours North West.

One Person Can Change the World

What can just one person do to change the world? "You get up off your butt and you take action. There is nothing magical about change. It is getting up off your ass and caring enough to take the first step to contribute to an issue you care about." says Nobel Peace laureate Jody Williams. Williams is the co-founder of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. Her work contributed to the new International Treaty to Ban Cluster Munitions.

Speak Out for Change on October 17

Since 1987, World Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty has taken place annually on October 17. The Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) uses the opportunity to ask all citizens of the world to stand up against poverty. In 2007, a phenomenal 43 million people stood up to demand that world leaders make good on their promises to eradicate poverty and inequality. To find out what you can do to participate in this action, please click here. Read the Charter of the World Day to Overcome...

The Story of Stuff

The 'Story of Stuff' is a 20-minute documentary examining the underside of our production and consumption patterns and exposing the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues. Produced by Annie Leonard, The 'Story of Stuff' is a rivetingly entertaining excursion through the supply and demand chain of our consumerist culture.