Ayesha Jacub

Ayesha Jacub

Ayesha Jacub is a Medical Doctor (Wits) with a postgraduate diploma in Child Health. She is currently a student of Global Health Policy at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Her field of study includes health policy and its intersection with politics, economics and the environment.

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Ebola and Global Health: Exposing Fault Lines and Searching for Vision

Picture: After receiving training, volunteers with the Red Cross Society of Guinea prepare to disinfect a hospital (afreecom/Idrissa Soumare). Ayesha Jacub - Sometimes it takes a crisis to test existing structures and expose all the fault lines. Ebola has been pummelling its way through West Africa and in addition to the lives claimed by the epidemic, it has exposed the state of Global Health’s leadership as well as the current paradigms through which we view health at the global level. Leadership When the first warning calls about the severity of the current Ebola epidemic came from the quarters of the NGO Medecins sans frontieres,...

Safeguarding Public Health: South Africa's Challenge to International Intellectual Property Laws

Picture: South Africa Ayesha Jacub - Private profit versus public interest: the distinction may seem binary and simplistic but the divergence between big pharma and public health interests are increasing in polarity. Big pharma, like most big actors on the international trade scene have their interests firmly secured through lobbies touting big money, slanting legislation in their favour. With international trade legislation having direct effects on health issues in nation states, is the South African government doing enough to...