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Stop Being a Narcissist -- It's Time to Quit Facebook

Picture: pshab Carmen Joy King - In march, at the peak of Facebook popularity, I quit. with four swift clicks of the mouse, I canceled my account. Gone was the entire online persona I had created for myself -- profile pictures, interests and activities, work history, friends acquired -- all carefully thought out to showcase to the world the very best version of me, all now deleted. Ironically, the decision to destroy my carefully built-up virtual image came as a result of wanting to enhance my profile. All that particular...

The Dark Side of Facebook

Using dark humour to great effect, this critique of Facebook, produced by Idiotsofants, reveals that the online fad that has become the social phenomenon of the new millennium, offers many risks for unsuspecting members. For a more damning account of the onslaught on personal privacy spearheaded by Facebook, see here.

Facebook For the Masses: Perhaps Not For Africa

Picture: Luc Legay Fazila Farouk - People who work in the digital divide world, routinely over emphasize the value of information communication technology (ICT) for the poor, often forgetting that technology is nothing more than a means to an end and one that’s only of value if it increases conveniences and the quality of people's lives. The common argument one hears for lowering the cost of broadband is that it will bridge the digital divide and increase socio-economic benefits for the poor. There’s certainly...