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Are We All Racist?

Picture: The Peace Pastor Video Many people would argue that they are not racist, however, Al Jazeera's The Stream delves deeper into the issue. Their feature this week examines subconscious racism. It is a form of racism that is subtle, yet as, if not more, damaging than overt racism. Listen to this panel of experts unpack the problem of stereotyping and implicit racial biases. "Implicit bias is not benign, it has very serious systemic impacts. Individuals can be decent and still perpetuate these injustices,"...

Race, Poverty & Obama

The average nett worth of white American families is US$70,000 compared to US$6,000 for African Americans, who are twice as likely to be unemployed. One in three African American males will go to prison during their life times, while this is likely to occur to only one in 17 white males. Leading African Americans, including Danny Glover, talk about what an Obama presidency could mean for race and poverty in America.