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Committing Class Treason to Save the World

Video The Pinky Show examines power, structure and agency with respect to where we are located within the global system of injustice as well as how our values and behaviour perpetuate it. Essentially targeted at middle class audiences in the first world, this episode of the Pinky Show makes essential viewing for privileged people all over the world. The beauty of the Pinky Show lies in its ability to deconstruct complex issues with measured simplicity that is, at the same time, hugely...

Globalisation and the Metaphysics of Control in the Free Market World

The Pinky Show expounds on the transition from colonialism to globalisation and the role of the free market in this evolution. Both bring about the same results, using different methods. While colonialism was about control through force, globalisation has found an easier way to create an underclass that is easily exploited by redefining relationships and influencing how people think. Bolstering the veneer of progress and civilization - media, technology, the law and education are used to...

Defending Globalisation

The Pinky Show provides us with an illuminating illustration about the hidden relationships of power in globalisation. "First world people congratulate themselves on inventing a system they see as fair and efficient. Economics and business departments teach the theory of global capital to the virtual exclusion of any alternatives. Third world people have to live with the consequences of practices and policies imposed from the first world."

What's Wrong with GMOs?

In this radio interview conducted by the Pinky Show, Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology, contends that scientists give the false notion that genetic modification is just an extension of natural breathing and that it is safe. Genetic engineering causes unpredicted mutations in DNA causing collateral damage. it is a primitive science that is not precise and we are feeding the products of an infant and unpredictable science to millions of people. Do we really need to...

Banked into Submission (The Globalizationist's Guide to Developing Poverty)

Pinky Show - The socially conscious cats from the Pinky Show have developed a simple but accurate account of the World Bank and IMF's (International Monetary Fund's) role in globalising our world and particularly its economy. The cartoon is highly recommended for its clarity in demystifying the role of the developing world's super bankers, who far from alleviating poverty, actually aggravate it.