Making Sense of the Millennial Generation

26 Sep 2014

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Millennials are broadly defined as people born after 1980. Paul Taylor of the Pew Research Centre outlines a few distinguishing characteristics of the Millennial generation based on research done in the U.S.

1) Millennials are the most non-white generation (at least insofar as research in the U.S. demonstrates).

2) They are very liberal in their social and cultural values.

3) Millennials are not attached to the idea of marriage.

4) Many Millennials are not religious.

5) Millennials are economically worse off than their parents.

6) Millennials are digital natives.

In a follow up video on the Millenial Generation, Taylor says:

7) Despite having large social networks, Millennials are low on social trust.

8) Nearly half of all Millennials have never left home or at some point have boomeranged back home.

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