Monkeys Reject Income Inequality - Why are Humans Expected to Accept It?

23 Aug 2012

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This video, an excerpt from a TED Talk given by Dr. Frans B.M. de Waal, is about the study of fairness in animals. The clip features a study conducted on Capuchin monkeys in which they were given "unequal pay" for the same task. Watch the clip to see the reaction of the monkey that realizes it is not being treated fairly.

Editor's Note: To watch the complete version of this Ted Talk, which also makes for great viewing, please click here.

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carla_mat Verified user
28 Nov

Getting a lesser compensation for the very same task, unequal pay or irregular compensation, often rubs individuals the wrong way. People are not the only ones either, as a recent viral video showed that Capuchin apes got ticked off at unequal pay, in food, in a lab experiment. Source of article: Unequal pay even riles up monkeys

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