September 2008

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Why Conservatives Led the Fight Against the Wall Street Bailout Deal

Picture: Joshua Holland - Editors Note: Despite being rejected by Congress earlier this week, the controversial bailout bill has since been approved by the American Senate and made its way back to the House of Representatives where it was endorsed the second time round. For updated commentary on this issue, you may wish to read: Bailout Passes Senate: 9 Reasons That's Bad News and The Really Hard-to-Swallow Truth About the Bailout and The Bailout: How Capitalism Killed Democracy. ********** On Monday, the Bush...

The Idea of a Splinter Party and its Prospects

Picture: Flagkit Saliem Fakir - The dismissal of Thabo Mbeki and the walkout by eleven ministers and some deputies indicates that a severe split exists within the African National Congress (ANC), despite claims to the contrary. The fissure began in 2005 when Zuma was fired by Mbeki and persisted well beyond the Polokwane Congress in December 2007. Frantic efforts have been made to keep the fight within the ANC and restore unity --seemingly without avail. Crises are usually fertile ground for fear, panic and opportunity --...

Why bother to vote?

Many South Africans may be pondering this question, as we interrogate the political events of the past week, wondering whether these were in the public's best interests. Why Democracy taps into the debate about the power of the individual voter, putting the question, "Why bother to vote?", to a wide range of thinkers and public figures. The debate captures the views of those both in favour and against voting, highlighting interesting food for thought.

Infighting in the ANC: An Alternative Perspective

Picture: Democracy Now - South African poet and activist, Dennis Brutus, is interviewed by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, a television and radio news program, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the United States and airing on over 700 stations. AMY GOODMAN: In South Africa, the deputy leader of the African National Congress has been chosen to serve as interim president following the resignation of Thabo Mbeki. Mbeki resigned Sunday over allegations of interference in a corruption...

Where to From Here? Zimbabwean Migrants and the Future of Southern Africa

Picture: Loren Landau & Tara Polzer - With Robert Mugabe begrudgingly accommodating Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara at the bridge of Zimbabwe’s sinking ship, there is at last hope that the once proud country will soon find its way to calmer waters.  Although anxious of snags ahead, no one is more relieved than the millions of Zimbabweans both in and outside the country who have suffered through more than eight years of violence, persecution, and economic tragic-comedy. Cheering almost as loud are...

Agent of Change

Dermot Peterson, a youth leader from the town of Atlantis in the Western Cape talks about a community initiative aimed at raising awareness about HIV and AIDS amongst children and teenagers. High levels of poverty and unemployment plague the residents of Atlantis, where many of the young are sexually active. This youth programme employs creative methods to take its message to the children, hoping to instill a more responsible attitude towards sexual activity.