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Homophobia on the March

Picture: Hello Artichoke Blogspot Richard Pithouse - Some people love and desire people of the same sex. This is true everywhere and it has always been true. From Egypt, to India, Peru and Zimbabwe there is ancient art illuminating the consummation of the eternal and universal presence of homosexual desire. In the classic literature of China, reaching back hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, it is described as the passion of the bitten peach. Homoerotic desire is described, with joy, in classic Arab poetry written more than a thousand...

Where is Social Justice?

Amy Stevenson's video examines the reality of the state of equity in the world. She highlights important themes such as inequality, racism, homophobia and gender equity. she argues that if you want peace, then you should work for justice. For those of us who come from privilege, she suggests we teach our children how to share this privilege.