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Nelson Mandela in 1961: Remembering a Freedom Fighter

Editor's Note: This clip has been removed from You Tube due to a copyright claim. We did, however, manage to transcribe the interview before it was removed and it's well worth a read. This rare interview with Nelson Mandela in 1961 shows a young spirited leader, who cuts a different figure to the conciliatory old man we all know and love. The memory of Mandela the freedom fighter is inspirational for the new generation of activists fighting in the struggle against social injustice, which...

Dear Mandela

Abahlali BaseMjondolo tell the story of strife in South Africa's informal settlements, which for the best part has turned into a struggle against the democratically elected government, in this creatively produced and touching video clip. For the community featured in this video, struggling against government-led evictions has become a common feature of their lives.

On the Anniversary of Nelson Mandela's Election: Why Political Campaigns Are Only One Road to Social Change

Picture: Danny Schechter - Everyone has a memorable moment or special date that marked their political lives. For me, it was April 27, 1994, the day of South Africa’s first democratic election when a disenfranchised majority chose Nelson Mandela as its new president. To those that fought so many years against apartheid, it was a political miracle, seen almost a biblical moment ushering in a new Rainbow nation. I had a front row seat 14 years ago inside the Mandela campaign, making an insider film that...