Banned SA Advertisement

6 Aug 2008

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This advertisement produced a few years ago was banned from South African television. It shows white and black South Africans in reversed roles. Whites as maids, blacks as madams and so on. How odd that the advertisment invoked such controversy so as to get banned. This reaction is particularly problematic in light of the fact that few seem to be objecting to the reality of seeing black people living poorly.

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21 Oct

Branding, Not Banning

My research--I am writing a paper focusing on selected TV commercials produced after Apartheid--and my information is that the commercial was not banned. It was merely a case of SABC1 changing its station brand.

In fact, in May 2004, when the commercial was first broadcast the Johannesburg Financial Mail quoted SABC1

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20 Mar

NOT Banned

This ad was not banned. For pete's sake people, it is not that hard to check your facts. This ad was received with wide acclaim, won multiple awards, and ran for some time. It was stopped because it had run its course and everyone had seen it, that's all, like all ads.

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