Che Guevara's Children in South Africa to Rally Support for the Release of 'The Cuban Five'

17 Oct 2009

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Che Guevara's Children, Dr Aleida Guevara and Camilo Guevara, are in South Africa to mobilise support for the release of the Cuban Five.

Their visit to South Africa will culminate in a march to the American Embassy in Pretoria, to demand the release of The Cuban Five. The march will start at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Friday, 23 October 2009 at 09h30.

The Guevara's will also be using their visit to the country to share their knowledge about the Cuban health model, one of the most successful in the world.

A public lecture will take place at Stellenbosch University on Monday, 19 October 09, while a second public lecture will be delivered at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto on Thursday, 22 October 09.

Their father, Che Guevara, is the Marxist revolutionary who was captured and killed by Bolivian forces in 1967.

More than 40 years after his death, his face remains one of the most recognizable on the planet, as even today, Generation Y'ers sport his handsome face on their t-shirts and caps, many of them oblivious to the real reputation of the revolutionary hero and the principles he lived and died for.

However, many others who have and continue to be involved in struggles against social injustice uphold the iconic figure as a martyr for revolutionary struggles the world over.

South Africa's Nelson Mandela affirmed him "as an inspiration for every human being who loves freedom." While Frantz Fanon declared Guevara to be "the world symbol of the possibilities of one man."

Che Guevara’s life has been an inspiration to many and has also been immortalised by a number of films and documentaries, the latest of which is the two-part documentary, "Che" starring Benicio del Toro. 

The two-part documentary is scheduled for release in South Africa in November 2009.

To get a glimpse of the documentary, watch the clip above -- the trailer for "Che – Part 1."

To watch the trailer for "Che – Part 2," please click here

You can find this page online at

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20 Sep

Che Guevara

Izandla ziya'gezana, direct translation hands wash each other (help each other). The more we become modernised and the country develops the more money is over valued, the more it is audible and the more we forget our past, our struggling comrades... I hope your visit was fruitfull, the march went well and I know the information you brought will be very useful and empowering. Thank you

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