President Zuma and the Media: From Zero-Rated to Hero-Rated

23 May 2009

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In this engaging analysis of the media's behaviour, LinkTV's Global Pulse tracks the media's coverage of "the fall and rise" of President Jacob Zuma. 

In months gone by, the media's indefatigable coverage of the corruption charges against Zuma threatened to wipe out his political career. From one end of the globe to the other, the chorus of negativity, which declared Zuma unfit to govern, was repeated by major international and regional news outlets such as Al Jazeera, BBC, French and even Iranian television.

But, as Global Pulse points out, "what a difference a presidential election can make." In one fell swoop, Zuma has gone from zero-rated to hero-rated, as the media suddenly soften their stance and present him through a brand new lens. No longer is Zuma the uneducated herd boy with sticky fingers. He has been re-birthed as an affable bloke with tremendous courage who overcame towering adversity to become the "people's president" and a role model for African leaders.

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26 May

Zuma - "my hero rated"

President Zuma has stayed tremendously calm through all endeavours... Brilliantly!
The man certainly needs to be credited for that. If a crisis hits South Africa, we can see that we have a leader that will guide us through. I, for one, am proud, sir!

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