Stayin Alive in Joburg

10 Dec 2009

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'Stayin Alive in Joburg' is a gritty take on inner-city life in Johannesburg.

It examines the changing landscape of South Africa's biggest post-apartheid city, providing an eye opening account of the trials and tribulations of Johannesburg's poorest inhabitants engaged in a daily struggle for survival, as they get overlooked by authorities and development agencies fixated on elite projects, including, but not limited to the 2010 soccer world cup.

The film is informative, exposing a scandalous lack of investment in social infrastructure for the poor. And, South Africa's race/class divide is very clearly articulated by the issues that come to the fore.

Watch this documentary for a quick catch up with life on the streets of contemporary Johannesburg. Learn more about how divestment led to decay; the battle over public spaces; the precarious lives of street traders; the struggle for basic services, decent housing and a life of dignity; a life of strife for refugee communities, the impact of the 2010 soccer world cup on Johannesburg's residents -- and more.

'Stayin Alive in Joburg' is made by Rob Schröder/VPRO.

To watch part two, please click here.

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To watch part six, please click here.

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