Keyword: Apartheid in South Africa

A Manipulated, Elite History

Picture: Dale T. McKinley - It is no secret that most mainstream movies dealing with real history take great liberties when it comes to telling their chosen ‘story‘. After all, such movies are made to entertain and make money. That means a simplified, easily digestible and sexed-up historical ‘story’. The ‘End Game’ is no exception. Publicly billed as a ‘political drama and thriller’ that chronicles South Africa’s ‘journey to reconciliation …...

The Apartheid Lawsuit

The Khulumani Support Group made headlines in May this year when it won the right to go to trial with its lawsuit against 23 international companies that aided and abetted the perpetration of human rights violations  carried out by the South African government under apartheid rule. Watch this clip to find who these companies are and how they helped the apartheid state.