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As Nelson Mandela Turns 93, Democracy Now Speaks with Ronnie Kasrils

Video As South Africa celebrates the 93rd birthday of Nelson Mandela, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now speaks with Ronnie Kasrils, who was on the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress for 20 years. Kasrils also served as Minister for Intelligence Services from 2004 to 2008. He recently published a new book "The Unlikely Secret Agent," about his late wife Eleanor, a Scottish South African anti-apartheid activist.

Invoking the Memory of Mandela the Freedom Fighter

Picture: Red Griot Fazila Farouk - It’s just been a few weeks since Nelson Mandela was taken off the United States terrorism watch list. No doubt so that they too could join in the celebrations of this living icon, without the embarrassment of hoisting up a revolutionary. I gather that a revolutionary in America is someone, not quite viewed through the same rose-tinted lens worn by us Southerners. Mandela made the cover of Time Magazine again this week. It’s his fourth time on the cover. I...