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Media Concentration in South Africa: Where are we going?

Picture: Marcel Germain Glenn Ashton - The recent resignation of the editor of the Cape Times, Tyrone August, over what appears to be executive interference in the traditional structures of local newspapers, should set alarm bells ringing. His departure was evidently triggered by a shift towards the concentration of editing duties in a centralised base. This would appear to be an unhealthy move if we are to foster an open, diverse and free media in South Africa. August has been true to his name and has steered a vibrant newspaper...

Rich Media, Poor Democracy

In analysing the role of journalism in democracy, Robert McChesney argues that healthy journalism is axiomatic to vibrant and healthy democracies in this Media Education Foundation video clip that critiques the ownership model of the American media, contending that the model has been a detriment to American democracy. To see Part One of this series, please click here. To see Part Three of this series, please click here.

War, Corruption, Xenophobia: All Playing Themselves Out Under the Media's Watchful Eye

Picture: Glenn Ashton - At Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Governance, a study group is arguing that the media in Africa doesn’t foster good governance, contending that Africa's Fourth Estate doesn't function. The global nature of the problem raises some questions about why the Kennedy School of Governance has chosen to make an example of Africa. After all, the American media practically signed, sealed and delivered the public consensus needed for President George W. Bush to invade...