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The End of Sustainability as We Know It

Picture: Mark Wallace Saliem Fakir - There is no doubt that we live in an uncertain period. Since 9/11, the world has changed. Global governance is in flux and generally speaking, the outcome of our transforming world is still unknown. The conventional source and centre of power is beginning to shift. This centre of power largely an alliance between the United States (US) and Europe, which Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt aptly called Empire, is what we have come to accept as the de facto world in which we live, by which we...

Did IMF Policies Fail in Latin America?

This excerpt from the Massachusetts School of Law argues that the IMF and World Bank compelled Latin American nations to make structural adjustments, which are a form of neoliberal economics that include privatization and open markets.  Open markets and less regulation in Latin America, as well as in other developing countries, have led to the destruction of small businesses, as large companies from America and other parts of the developed world entered their markets. The video clip is...

Banked into Submission (The Globalizationist's Guide to Developing Poverty)

Pinky Show - The socially conscious cats from the Pinky Show have developed a simple but accurate account of the World Bank and IMF's (International Monetary Fund's) role in globalising our world and particularly its economy. The cartoon is highly recommended for its clarity in demystifying the role of the developing world's super bankers, who far from alleviating poverty, actually aggravate it.